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Non-Prom Application

Our primary mission is to dress high school students for their proms (free of charge) who are in current personal or financial need.  Occasionally, we will accept applications from social service agencies or from groups who fall outside of our mission-based parameters.  Certain requirements must be met and are subject to approval by the Executive Director and/or Board of Directors, availability of surplus inventory, and/or availability of staff/volunteers.   

Completion of this application does not guarantee acceptance, but you will be notified as quickly as possible of the decision!   


1.  Student/individual must be verified to be in current financial or personal need.

2. Applications must be submitted by an agency on behalf of the individual(s) seeking assistance.  

3. Individuals must be under 21 years of age. 

Non-eligible events/occasions would include:  Beauty/Scholastic Pageants, Homecoming, 

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