Stories Behind The Girls

"My daughter Kara is one of the most beautiful, bravest, caring girls I have ever met.  She encourages me to be as amazing as herself."

- Kara, age 18, Williamstown KY

"Sara grew up in an upper class, small town with high expectations.  She spent a significant part of her childhood feeling she was judged by her classmates.  Each day she tried to carry herself with confidence, and ignore the criticism of her peers.  Her father was a drug addict, and in her life for only a short time.  She lived in her mother’s boyfriend’s house, which was an unstable environment.  As Sara grew older, she developed emotional conditions and was in and out of the hospital. As Sara’s best friend, I realized our lives were very different.  I have tried to be her best supporter.  I have seen her life improve, and seen her improve her grades in school.  She has big dreams to one day live a happy life."

- Sara, age 18, Cincinnati Ohio

"Karita mentors her 14 year old niece and assists her with homework.  Karita also helps her extended family with baby-sitting nephew, nieces, and great-nephews and nieces.  Her mom’s goal is for Karita to develop as her own person, and is a current joy to her mom.  Karita attended a summer enrichment program and received an award. In the past year, her grandmother and aunt passed away.  Karita wishes they were here to see her in this beautiful prom dress and witness her high school graduation."

- Karita, age 17, Cincinnati

"Jamila was born in 1996, a healthy baby girl.  She began to walk at 9 months.  She is sweet and loving to all.  At 9 years old, she fell at school and I received a call that it looked like she had a stroke.  She was rushed to the hospital and diagnosed with hydrocephalus (water on the brain). She had brain surgery the next day.  Since that time she has been through therapy and has been blessed to not have a setback. She has a goal of being a pediatric physician. She is hard working and loves to help others."

- Jamila, age 18, Cincinnati

"She is a senior in high school.  She is a leader and gets good grades.  She helps everyone, even if she doesn’t know them.  Her junior and senior years were difficult due to financial problems.  She hasn’t let that stop her from reaching her goals."

- Supreme, age 18, Cincinnati

"My Jasmine is an extra special young lady.  She has had a difficult childhood, but has been strong and faithful.  She how now made it to the point of prom, graduation, and college! I am so proud of her and love her.  Thank you – she deserves to feel like a Princess."

- Jasmine, age 18, Cincinnati