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Co-Chairs for 2018 Girl's Night Out

Denise and Lee Strasser

We look forward to seeing you all in 2019.  Email us if you would like to be included in this event.

2018 Hostess List

Amanda Bentley-Fessler
Dori Cambruzzi
Angela Comisar
Debbie Davis
Amy Denison
Lisa Diedrichs
Elizabeth Dohrmann
Kailey Farmer
Nancy Fehr
Anne Gilday Judge
Gigi Heidt
Julie Heidt
Missy Hendon Deters
Margaux Higgins
Anne Ilyinsky
Katherine Oliver Jarnigo 
Karen Korchmar
Kimberly LaBar
Madeline Lawrence
Lindsey Lewis
Sue Lewis
Kelly Lyle
Linda Maier
Katherine Mezher
Kendell Mountain
Ashley Munafo
Elodie Murphy
Debbie Oliver
Lisa Pettengill
Kelsey Rosenkrantz
Victoria Russert
Ellen Schiefer
Kitty Schmidt
Joanne Sloneker
Jeannine Steele
Tracy Veith
Molly Vollmer
Tina Walter
Rachel Weigel
Sally Woodward

  Hostess Tickets are SOLD OUT!  


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